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Gas and Boiler Leaks

When you have a gas leak on your hands, you’ll want a gas and boiler leaks York service that can get to you in as short a time as possible. However, beyond that, you’ll also want service providers that know what they’re doing and know their way around gas fuelled equipment. The use of gas in boilers used in heating homes has become quite commonplace around the UK due to the cleaner combustion and the convenience. However, the explosive nature of the gases is an issue and they need to be handled safely to lower the risk of a catastrophic accident.

Because of this, the government has in place Gas Safe, a body that is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that only experts who have competence on matters of gas safety have the legal right to handle tasks related to combustible gases. In order for someone to be given the registration, they will need to provide proof of the relevant qualification. However, there are many people called upon by desperate homeowners in the event of a gas leak and not all of them are registered. This brings about the possibility of any number of things going wrong such as:

  • Your home and those within could be at risk should the person only have some idea of what they’re supposed to do in such a situation.
  • All the liability could fall on you if there’s an accident while an unregistered person is working on your gas-powered system.
  • Your insurer is likely to refuse to cover any damages even if it’s not as a direct result of the unregistered person’s work.
  • If your boiler is covered by a warranty, it may be voided.

The engineers we send from Eco Efficient are all highly qualified and experts in handling such issues and they are all have their registration papers in order. We actually encourage our clients to request proof that our people are registered when they come by your house and they should be able to present you with an ID which should have on it all the required details.

Boiler leaks aren’t always a sign that something is wrong. In fact, there are some boilers that are expected to leak every now and then to relieve the pressure. In such cases, the manufacturers will let you know if this is the case during the purchase or in the user manual. The thing you should look out for is an above normal rate of leakage especially if the leak is from an unusual spot such as a spot that is supposed to be sealed tight. This may be a sign that the boiler tank is compromised; a potentially dangerous issue. In such a case, you should reach out to our experts and ask for our gas and boiler leaks York services and we’ll be with you shortly.

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